Wadi Qelt, in the stony light
Ilanit Illouz

Première édition de 500 ex.

20 x 28,5 cm


156 pages 

112 images

ISBN:  978-2-490740-05-5

Price : 36€

A special edition comprises a first edition book with one riso print signed and numbered from #1 to #100 by Ilanit Illouz.

Price : 80€






Ilanit Illouz fragments the narration of fictional , social or family stories. There is something ghostly about his elliptical images that suggest going further, entering more deeply into a new materiality. She stares at the ground like an archaeologist to isolate failings, to collect fossils, bark or pebbles on this soil cracked by history. The visible or invisible trace becomes the narrative thread and the basis of the artist’s work weaving the link between the past and the present.

In 2016, thanks to a grant from la Fondation des artistes , she explored the Judean Desert and the shores of the Dead Sea on the border of Palestine, Jordan and Israel. Territories shaped by an immemorial history and located in an area with political and economic conflicts.

This large salt lake has lost a third of its surface area in fifty years and is now threatened with extinction. The drought has had the effect of increasing the number of holes riddled with pockets of salt. These sinkholes «Les dolines» inspired Ilanit Illouz a long-term work (2016-2020)  with the eponymous title documented in this piece of work «WADI, in stone clarity» by and with the artist.

Starting from color shots, the artist develops an unprecedented body of salt prints that crystallize and cover the landscapes that it creates.

«The crystallization of salt after the wetness, in Illouz’ work, echoes this dust. In the spaces from which the Dead Sea has receded, the fossilized humidity preserves a trace of its passage, a poetic and no less political concretion which conveys that which cracks, buckles, and resists.» E.Notéris

The book brings together this long-term corpus with color images interspersed with views and details of the salt prints made by Illouz.





- A selection of «Les dolines» entered the collection of the FRAC Grand-Large-Hauts-de-France.

- Ilanit Illouz is shortlisted for the Louis Roederer Discovery Award and featured in a single show curated by Sonia Voss for Les Rencontre d’Arles in july 2021 . 

- In 2022, Illouz will be part of the group exhibition «Fata Morgana» curated by Béatrice Gross and Katinka Bock introduce her works in Paris at the Jeu de Paume.