EVE - La montagne et la jeune fille

Thomas klotz

Preface Bernard Plossu, Sophie Letourneur

First edition of 500 copies 

18 x24 cm


108 pages 

62 photographs

ISBN: 978-2-490740-02-4

36 euros

Une édition de tête limitée à 40 exemplaires sous coffret est accompagnée d’un tirage photographique au choix parmi deux numéroté et signé.

Edition Tirage #1 signé et numéroté de I à XX disponible


Edition Tirage #2 signé et numéroté de I à XX e - en exclusivité chez Fisheye Gallery


A doorway opening into a room. A red post. The setting clearly places us in the present – which is to say we have no idea what country we are in, even if the author of the image tells us that Eggleston informed his vision.

And amid all this, amid this whole narrative of photography told in lines, spaces, angles – his daughter, the photographer’s daughter, is there. You could say she is waiting there. 

That seems simple. But it suggests a living presence in places, thus a poetry of expectation. Only what are we waiting for? 

Waiting for photographs to be made, without asking what they will be good for. They are made for no other reason than to exist. To carry a communication between subject and object, like an exchange of unspoken words – photography allowing them to speak in silence, with just their gazes. Because that is what is essential here: the gaze. The gaze of the photographed no less than that of the photographer.   

There, present, a father and his daughter. 

These photographs in their unspectacular settings. Unspectacular, but necessary. It is electrifying. For precisely when it seems that nothing is happening, a ton of stuff is happening. A complicity, a non-smile – who said you had to smile when someone takes your picture, anyway? 

In these images, Thomas Klotz understood all this. His photographs, ostensibly so silent, speak volumes about his way of perceiving the world, his world. For we should never forget that every photographer sees and feels differently from every other. 

And, as I like to say:

« Photography speaks of all those moments ostensibly of no importance, which are in fact so important! »

Bernard PLOSSU

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Tirage #1 signé et numéroté de I à XX

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Tirage #2 signé et numéroté de I à XX

"Each image captures Eve, or follows her direction and gaze. Through this unspoken conversation, images range from gritty, raw city living to portraits of a childhood moving into a new independence. “I understood that the exchange between the two of us and these places was saying something interesting. I focused on Eve’s gaze and her relationship to the world. I try to translate with my photographic gesture, my vision of her world, of her loneliness, of the anxieties that I transmitted to her in spite of myself,” Klotz explains." 

Isaac Huxtable - British Journal of Photography 1854